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Streaming Channel Pricing

MacMillan Interactive Communications, LLC (MIC) offers three streaming channel plans, in which you pay a one-time fee of either the Starter, Standard, or Advanced plan, along with a base channel hosting fee of $24.95 per month for hosting your channel on the device you choose.

Compare Our Plans

Starter Standard Advanced
One-Time Setup Cost (Per Platform) *
Available Platforms: Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, Android, iOS and Web.
$399 $750 $1,500
Note: In addition to set-up costs, a monthly channel hosting fee, with rates starting at $24.95, is required to get you started.
Purchase Purchase Purchase
Standard Setup Service *
Multiple Platforms Supported
Play Free to Watch Videos
Import Videos from Vimeo
Media Cloud CDN Integration
Mobile Streaming
Host Your Videos Anywhere
Multi-Platform Publishing
Fully Branded To You
Keep 100% of All Revenue
No Fees Per Subscriber
Channel Submission Service
Offer a One Time Channel Purchase Fee
Offer Monthly Paid Subscriptions
Play a Promo Video on the Subscribe Screen
Capability to Autoplay Next Video
Browse series episodes
Multiple Vimeo Video Import Tool
Offer a Free Content Preview

* Set-up includes placing your channel logo on the splash screen, video browsing screen and the video details screen of our standardized channel software package. Set-up fee provides our standard channel color theme. This service also covers submitting your channel to the app store for approval. The set-up fee provides you with the right to use the MacMillan Interactive Communications, LLC (MIC) standardized channel software. The source code of the channel software is not included in this fee and is the exclusive intellectual property of MIC. Continued use of the software requires an active monthly channel hosting package, which prowers the channel software. Requests to customize the channel, beyond the explicit items specified above, are also not covered by this fee.

Channel Add-Ons and Other Services
Roku Channel Advertising and Promotion ($750) Purchase
Live Streaming **
Import Videos from Youtube **
Ability to Play Brokered or Custom Ads **
Hybrid Ads and Subscriptions **
Play Looping Video **
Offer Discounts and Coupons **
Viewers Can Join Your Email List **
Import Videos Via Our API. **
Authorize Channel Users Via Our API. **
Purchase Additional Services **

** Requires standard $24.95 per month Basic Channel Hosting and Pro Channel Services ($49.95 per month). Set-up fees may apply. Add-On Services can only be added after launching a channel with one of our standard channel packages. Live streaming requires a stable URL-based live stream feed from a compatible live streaming service. Contact us for more details.

*** Set-up and other fees apply. Contact us for more details.

Here is more information about each of our channel packages:

Starter - Free to Watch Channel

Do you need to create a streaming channel that is free to watch? If so, our basic free to watch channel is a good fit for you.

Standard - Paid Subscription Channel

If you need a simple paid subscription channel that allows users to subscribe to watch your content this channel is for you. This app allows your customers to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription. The channel features a paywall screen that allows users to subscribe and then watch your channel content. This option also allows you to start with a Free to Watch channel and then easily upgrade to paid subscription channel when ready.

Advanced - Paid Subscription Channel

Our advanced channel offers a number of extra features. Not only are you able to offer paid subscriptions, but you are able to have free previews, a promotional video screen and in channel advertising monetization. This channel offers you the potential to earn revenue from multiple income streams. For instance, you can let viewers watch the channel free with ads or let them subscribe to remove the ads. If you want to maximize your profit this channel option is for you.

Basic Monthly Channel Hosting - From $24.95 per month (Required)

All our channels require a monthly subscription to our Directcaster back-end channel management software. This software allows you to manage the categories and videos on your channel. Using the software you can add and manage your video content. All of our channels are powered by our easy-to-use channel management software system. You pay only one monthly fee for this software per channel irregardless of how many apps you have connected to your channel.

Pro Channel Services - $49.95 per month (Optional)

All our channels require a monthly subscription to Basic Monthly Channel Hosting. If you would like to add a channel Add-On service, or would like to request additional service from us, Pro Channel Services is required. This service allows us to provide basic support for our Add-On services. It also allows you to purchase additional hours of custom services from us when needed.

Why Choose Us?

  • While most companies will have you pay hundreds to thousands of dollars a month, including massive bandwidth costs, MIC offers three separate one-time payment plans with a small monthly channel hosting payment of only $24.95 for the device platform of your choosing.
  • More personalized services than most companies.
  • A proven track record of channels that increase publicity and generate revenue.
  • You keep 100% of your channel's revenue.
  • MIC does not charge you extra for each subscriber.
  • You own your channel, you are not leasing it from MIC.
  • You are not required to run our ads in your channel.
  • Your channel is placed in your own app store account.
  • Your channel is branded solely to you.
  • You can host your videos anywhere you like.
  • MIC does not charge additional bandwidth fees for your videos.
  • Host your videos on Vimeo, and then easily import them onto MIC's Media Cloud.

Click here to read why you should choose our company to develop your streaming channels.

Contact MIC for a consultation to your streaming channel development needs. We are happy to help with your project.

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