Starter Roku Channel Development

Mac Millan Interactive Communications, LLC (MIC) offers a standard Roku channel package to our customers. This package is best for customers who do not require a subscription or fee in order to install their channel. These channels are also referred to as free Roku channels.

Our paid standard channel package includes:

  • Ability to add multiple channel categories.
  • Add videos to multiple categories.
  • No required Ads (unlike our competitors).
  • Channel is managed via our intelligent Media Cloud.

We are reasonably priced, as we will always look out for our customers. Our monthly channel management software is reasonably priced and affordable. Please read our article "Roku Channel Development Cost" to learn what our channel development is all about. Also read our article "About Roku App Development" to learn more about developing a Roku app.

Please contact MIC for a consultation on your Roku development needs. We are happy to help with your project.